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President, Social Entrepreneur
A pioneer in website development, Yury loves to think outside the box and create new opportunities.


Coming from a creative background, Lana sees the big picture and is comfortable with a pen and paper. When the going gets tough, she stays focused.


COO, Operations
Being an analytical person, Vicky knows operations. From process to complex data models she is comfortable rolling up her sleeves and throwing down her pivot tables.


Social Media Manager
From Facebook to Instagram Bella knows social media and how to engage the right audience.


Lead Programmer
Michael has a very strong background in technical programming and object oriented programming.

Big Al

Director of Finance
Big Al was the top of his class in math and loves crunching numbers (almost as much as collecting receivables).


Jewelry Designer
Toni is a third generation jewelry designer. She loves being creative and making jewelry that makes people smile.


Front End Developer
Who says girls can’t program! Amy loves to make things happen on the front-end, from javascript, css to HTML 5 she can make any webpage do anything she wants.


Information Architect
Donnie lives and breathes wire frames and mockups. He knows that a strong wire frame allows the rest of the project to easily be understood and implemented.


Sonya manages content calendars and making sure users engage and keep coming back. She has a way with words and loves quotes!


SEO Specialist
Lee is the kind of guy that lives and breathes in split testing heaven. He knows the value of a good backlink and has been know to optimize every page of a sitemap for fun.


Graphic Designer
Matthew is a creator. He can take a word cloud or a wire frame and make a work of visual art.


Business Dev
Chuck helps our project launches – from sourcing to building channel partnerships. He knows who to call and when.

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