Motionrush Apparel is an American clothing company established in June 2009 by Yury Rush and incorporated in New York City.

Motionrush specializes in minimalistic designs that incorporate graphic elements and their brand name in to everyday wearable yet luxury styles that are iconic.

Working closely with domestic and international designers the Motionrush M was designed into their brand guidelines and has made its way into multiple designs on clothing such as t-shirts, hats, bottoms and footwear.

Motionrush uses eco-friendly fabrics that hold up well to many years of wear and daily use with minimalistic designs that can be worn in all settings from casual to trendy to business casual.

Future plans for Motionrush is expansion into to a full lifestyle brand with the inclusion of multiple product categories for men and women.

Growth plans are based on DTC sales on ecommerce websites and marketplaces as well as strategic partnerships with social media platforms and ambassador programs.


Yury Rush